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TwinWheel F1 (Dented Box)
Short Description
The Genius TwinWheel F1 Racing Wheel gives you the inside line to the most realistic adrenaline-pumping racing action imaginable!
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This 2-in-1 racing wheel for the PS2 and PC platforms has all of the option boxes checked when it comes to providing you with the most visceral, white-knuckle racing game experience possible. For an unrivaled, realistic road-feel, the TwinWheel F1 Racing Wheel sports an integrated vibration feedback system that's hardwired to transfer all of the bumps and dips you encounter in the virtual tarmac directly into your hands. Additionally, the foot pedals’ four programmable action buttons and F1-style shifter paddles are all designed to deliver the most authentic, pulse-quickening racing experience possible on the PS2 or PC!

Package Contents


·               Vibration Feedback Racing Wheel

·               Foot Pedals

·               C-clamp

·               Lap Attachment

·               Game Device CD Driver

·               Detailed User Manual

Drifting down the infamous corkscrew of Laguna Seca Raceway or roaring down Mulsanne Straight at death-defying, triple digit speeds can give you an undiluted adrenaline rush like no other. Therefore it only stands to logic that you'd demand only the best, most technologically advanced gaming wheel to harness all of this high-octane fun. Get a grip on your racing game with the Genius TwinWheel F1 Racing Wheel with vibration feedback for the PS2 & PC.


The TwinWheel F1 is the virtual circuit champ's indisputable first choice for a competitive professional racing wheel peripheral infused with authentic F1 technology such as steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters and slip-resistant foot pedals. The D-pad and four action buttons further envelope you in the automotive action as they can function as essential controls like the horn, view change, and handbrake. And should you trample over a pothole at 100mph in an exotic thoroughbred, the built-in vibration feedback system is programmed to jolt your tactile senses just like you'd experience it in real life! The TwinWheel F1 racing wheel even allows you to relentlessly pursue pole position from the couch, floor, coffee table—you name it! This is all made possible by the standard lap attachment device and the C-clamp that adheres to most tables and desks with heavy-duty suction cups for superb stability.


Go for the checkered flag with the Genius TwinWheel F1 Racing Wheel!

Key Features


·               Compatible with the PS2 and PC gaming platforms

·               Integrated vibration feedback system immerses you right in the starting grid with all of the jolts bumps and bangs that happen in real-world professional races

·               Includes D-pad for precise directional controls needed in action-oriented driving games

·               Four secondary action buttons featured at the front panel inject another layer of road-racing realism by offering such functions as sounding the horn or changing the view

·               Swiftly and seamlessly shift gears like F1 racecar drivers via the wheel-mounted paddle shifters

·               Standard lap attachment allows you to pilot your road-bound missile at mind-boggling speeds—all while sitting comfortably in your favorite gaming chair

·               C-clamp adheres to most tables and desks to provide a rock-steady base for frenetic racing action



·               Interface support: USB PlayStation 2 Game Port

·               System support: PC PS & PS2

·               8-way D-Pad: Yes

·               Four action button: Yes

·               Lap attachment: Yes

·               C-Clamp & Suction cups: Yes

·               Foot pedals: Yes

·               Two hand levers: Yes

·               Vibration feedback: Yes

·               System Requirements For PC:

-          IBM PC Pentium 233 MHz compatible or higher

-          Available USB port

-          CD/DVD-ROM Drive for driver installation

-          Microsoft Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE

·               System Requirements For PlayStation2

-          PlayStation® / PS one™ / PlayStation® 2 entertainment system

-          PlayStation's standard game pad interface

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